Friday, February 25, 2011

The First Post -- The Final Countdown

Too excited to contain myself. This weekend we launch our Live On-line
Streaming of our Celebration Services at New Venture. Right here on our
Website. Check it out!! It's going to be the entire service with Worship (though by law we won't be able to put up the words of the songs; sorry), announcements, Video & Creative Moments, and of course - the Message.

Now here's what's got me fired-up: We'll have a Chat Room so you can chat with others while the service is going on. There'll be an On-line Pastor during every service that will immediately answer by computer any questions, or respond to any comments you have - during the service. Plus there will be after-service prayer and counseling on-line so we can meet your, and many others', needs.

The launch begins this Saturday -- 5pm. Check the Live On-line Countdown Clock on our website. Email, facebook and text your friends and get them on-board. We take off soon!!