Monday, April 25, 2011

Spending Sunset, Thinking of "Sunrise"

(Sun. 9pm) Just came from the Oceanside Amphitheatre. No it’s not Easter morning. It’s late at night – and I just had to go back, sit up at the top of the now empty stands, alone, just the Lord and I - and a myriad of deeply satisfying and fulfilling thoughts of today’s 22nd Sunrise on the Shore Easter Service… which will rank as one of our all-time best, if not the best Service we’ve ever experienced!

What made Sunrise 2011 so Memorable?

One of the biggest crowds – if not the biggest.. we’ve EVER had (check out the pics)! Folks came from everywhere and had a great time.

Sky Divers kicked off the morning, with incredible flying feats and landing on the beach right in front of the roaring thousands wildly cheering for them.

New Venture's Worship Team was TREMENDOUS. Filling the stage and setting the tone for a true celebration.

412 Million watched last year's Super Bowl… but that doesn’t come close to the one Billion people who watched the rescues of the 33 Miners, buried a quarter of a mile under the earth in Chile. Mario Sepulveda the leader of the men who survived 69 days under the earth kept us spellbound by his fascinating stories of God’s care and provision underneath the earth.

Had to come back tonight on this peaceful night to what’s now a completely empty, clean and quiet amphitheatre. I sense the Lord’s pleasure sitting out here alone with Him. Where only several hours ago, this place was rockin'.

It was great to serve Him, sense His touch, and now – for countless reasons – to thank Him. I sensed Him earlier, along with the 7,000 in attendance. And I sense Him now, just He and I.

Blessings on your day. Ours sure was blessed. All to His Glory!!