Friday, October 31, 2014

What's Your Spiritual Fitness Plan?

 I can't adequately express my excitement, as we dive into God's Word this weekend @NVCF and begin a brand new series, entitled "24 HOUR WITNESS". Sounds familiar, doesn't it? However, our focus will be about developing our faith and growing in spiritual fitness!!
Through the years, I have met many who have been burdened by having a desire to see family members and friends experience the love, hope and assurance found in a vital relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. If that is you, and you'd like to learn Biblical, practical and effective tools to share Christ both through "your walk and your talk"; you'll want to join us beginning this weekend, for a verse by verse study through the Old Testament book of Haggai. I'm convinced – you're gonna love it. It's the perfect book and series to dig into right before the holidays.

New Venture Welcomes Peter Kennedy

Pastor Peter Kennedy joins the New Venture team, specializing in 
Small Groups
It's thrilling to have so many hundreds of you involved in NV's Small Group Network. So many are involved, that the Lord has also provided a full-time Pastor to oversee this vital ministry. Peter Kennedy comes from an amazing background of ministry and secular employment. He has desired to be a part of the NV Team for years now and as he retires from over 20 years of Military and Civil Service, he joins us full-time, starting this weekend. We'll be briefly introducing him this weekend as well. No doubt, you're definitely going to find him a NV 'fit'.
I write this out of gratefulness for you and our church family.
Looking forward to gathering together on campus where there's always a place for you. 
Pastor Shawn
Pastor Shawn

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Happy Anniversary!!

It’s taken forever... yet it feels like it’s happened overnight! That’s how it feels watching and working with God, as He took a handful of people (7), on Oct. 1st, 1989 on a "new venture" in starting a church for Him - with no members, money, in a city new to all of us - Oceanside – with no place to call "Home" to "do" church.

From that day - to 10’s of 1000’s of lives, unimaginable blessings, surprises and miracles later.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NEW VENTURE!! Today – October 1st, 2014, we’re 25 years old as a church and ministry.

25 Down... and 25 More To Go

I’m halfway there!! I told the Lord – if He allows my health to hold up – I’d love to give Him 25 more. Imagine what He has in store, and where He could take all of us in the next 25!!! I think about in 2039 I'll be ready to retire.. but not a day sooner!

People – not Buildings, is What Makes Church... "Home"

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – and a special thanks to you and EVERYONE who has had anything to do with what the Lord has accomplished through the years. Whether you are attending now, or have been a part of the ministry at anytime in the past – without your prayers, giving, service and sacrifice... His Church wouldn’t be what it has become today. Without you... we wouldn’t be us. A special, heartfelt thanks to all of you, for all you have done, whenever you have done it... to make us - "US."

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NEW VENTURE. It’s Day One again. We’re moving on. Day One...
let’s GO!!

A Prayer for Our Next 25

"Lord, right now I pray for your immeasurable blessings, protection, spirit, and a rushing wind across the land to the sea, that brings people Home. An awesome and amazing God you are! We love you... thank You!"

What’s Next @ NV

Be sure to read below of some of the many opportunities to help make this one of the finest Fall Seasons with God and others - that you’ve ever experienced.

This weekend it’s our Communion Sunday, with heartfelt, powerful Worship and an intriguing message on RELATIONSHIPS through the Book of Ephesians. Read Ephe. 5:22-33 on theDifferences between the Sexes, entitled: The Difference Between You and Me.

One requirement: Don’t come alone. Pray someone in and invite them out. They’ll come because you are.

Marching into the next 25 with Him... and you.

See you this weekend!