Friday, November 20, 2015

Good News Always Welcome

The Bad News: a bomb hidden in a soda can was smuggled onto a jet in Russia by ISIS and detonated, killing all 224 passengers aboard.

The Good News:
 This weekend New Venture will be feeding, giving haircuts, toys and God's love to near 2,000 homeless, seniors and military personnel @ our 26th annual Thanksgiving Sunday Supper.

What's so good?
 Rom. 5:8 - Wherever sin exists, God's grace is poured out in far greater, surpassing quantity. All of the news in our world today, isn't bad!
The Bad News: Last week, 129 innocent Parisians were killed in a planned massacre throughout France.

The Good News:
 Jesus told us that his house would be a place of encouragement, inspiration, joy and PRAYER as hundreds gathered during last weekend's Celebration Services to pray for God's care and blessings on the people of France (see below).

What's so good? Matt 18:19 If two of you agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by God the Father. Multiply that by hundreds praying for the peace & comfort of the many hurting in France this week – and that's some kind of powerful answered prayer!

In the midst of life's Bad News keep looking to the One who sent us His Son with Good News for all of humankind. Remembering – "What the Enemy meant for evil, God intends for good..." Gen 50:20

When You Kneel Before God - You Can Stand Up to Anything!

Much love in Christ to you today.

Pastor Shawn
Pastor Shawn
Shawn Mitchell
Pastor, New Venture Christian Fellowship