Friday, March 22, 2013

Hitting The Target

I really appreciate this quote. It's a great source of inspiration and encouragement. We all encounter times in which we experience setbacks. Ever felt like you've taken 2 steps forward, but then... 3 steps back?! At times all of us have.

God often allows us to advance from what initially feels like retreat - or defeat! Much like an arrow in a bow, when we feel like we're going backwards, often times God is about to launch us into future opportunities that only He can see!!

When the arrow is positioned to be shot by the archer, oftentimes the Master Marksman aims it in a direction to accomplish His ends.

God is the same way. He "Readies" us, "Aims" us, and then "Launches" us forward. Allow God to do that in your life. Ask Him right now, saying, "Lord, I yield myself to You. Knowing that You are aware where I can be most effective and accomplish the most good, no matter how I feel today. I trust where you're taking me."

God bless you friend. Good things are coming! Happy landing.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Healthy Case of Spring Fever

Happy spring season to you. The Lord speaks about the 4 seasons He created in Gen. 8:22, and from an informal survey I took recently while speaking to our church family, springtime seems to have won out as NV’s favorite. I hope you’re enjoying and adjusting to Daylight Savings…with all the ministry that’s been happening around here at New Venture, we could use that hour we lost, back! I sure like it lighter, later though. You too?!

It’s been nothing short of thrilling to observe many of the ministries at NV springing to life (no pun intended). Our Spanish Service is a blessing, with 14 additional friends joining us on our Transportation pickup last week. Epic teens just returned from Winter Camp. Children are having a blast, with many coming to Christ in Kid’s World. A recent All-Church Baptism saw many take this important step in honoring and pleasing God. MPACT Men’s Ministry has been hitting the streets and spreading the word of our fast-approaching 24th Annual Easter Outreach services. And the launching of our new Traditions service has been far beyond anything we could have hoped for, with 51 enjoying the great hymns of old this past weekend in our Upper Room. Soon we’ll be adding Gospel Celebration Services, for those who enjoy a different expression of worship. God loves variety – and He sure loves the amazing people of NVCF!

I couldn’t be happier as we move into spring. Here’s a neat quote I came across, that speaks about the importance of not making excuses, but to keep looking to God for great things. I tell you this... the fired-up folks at New Venture, not only relate to this, but are living it, looking to God for great things and looking forward to experiencing more of Him together in the days ahead.

Yep, spring is in the air. That means new growth and opportunities. Maybe in your garden but definitely with our God.


Pastor Shawn