Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day… by day… by day… by day!

There are very few things in life as both awesome… and tender as sensing God’s overwhelming love in our lives.  Seeing it in the smile of a husband in the love of one’s wife; or a mother and fathers glowing love of their children - so too is the acute awareness of God’s love for us. The more that we draw near to Him (1 Jn. 4:8) – it becomes a tangible thing.

Back in the day (Baby Boomers will know what I’m talking about), there was a classic Broadway play and motion picture in the late ‘70’s called “GODSPELL”. The lyrics of one of its iconic songs were “Day by Day,,, to SEE thee more CLEARLY….to LOVE thee more DEARLY… to FOLLOW thee more NEARLY… Day… by day… by day… by day”!

You wouldn’t want to hear me sing it (I’d really mess it up!), but guaranteed… once you’ve heard it – you’ll never forget it. It’s not the melody… it’s the message!  I think that I’m going to enjoy Him a little bit more today. How about you?     Day by day… by day… by day…