Thursday, March 31, 2011

WHAT I’M THINKING… A Lifetime Memory with my Son

A neat thing happened to me the other day. My son, Shawn Jr. who works on our New Venture Facilities Team stopped by my office after normal work hours and asked me if I’d like to take a break from a long day of meetings, and jump in one of our church’s trams with him for a quick ride across the street, to get a little fresh air & talk. Anytime Shawn Jr. or Laurie want to get together for a little quality family time is a big deal to me – so I took him up on it.

He drove us across the street over to NV Eastern property land, drove up onto the low lying grass, parked the tram facing the church and simply sat and talked for 20 minutes or so.

WHAT I’M THINKING – Shawn Jr. & I talked about nothing special… but all of it was special because it was with my SON.

WHAT I’M THINKING – We watched the sun slowly setting behind the New Venture Campus and thought…”what an amazing sight and BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS” – the Lord has been exceptionally good to our New Venture family (Eph 3:20).

WHAT I’M THINKING – As we could feel and smell the gentle ocean breeze coming up from the canyons behind our New Venture Home, I thought – In life we get consumed with all of the little things (i.e. meetings, demands, etc.)… but leaving my desk for 20 minutes and enjoying the “big picture” reminded me of the amazing miracle that all of us at New Venture are experiencing and are a part of.

WHAT I’M THINKING – That the 20 minutes that I gave my son, for a brief “field trip” across the street from our church, to catch up as father and son, enjoy the view, and each other… were 20 minutes of priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m reminded of that verse: “ I thank my God upon every REMEMBRANCE…” (Phil 1:3). A great day. Great memories. Thanks for sharing in them with me!

Monday, March 14, 2011

God Loves a Good Party... and So Do We.

Love a good party? Most of us do. A cursory look through the Bible reveals that near every time that something of note or significance happened to God's people, He would command them to throw a party. A feast to celebrate the positive things going on around.

Well, you've got to check out the pics in this blog over the BIG PARTY we threw for a lot of worthy people who serve as ministry Partners at New Venture Christian Fellowship.

For all of you Partners that do so much for so many of us who call NVCF "home"... and work so hard to help us fulfill the Mission (REACH,TEACH, RELEASE) which the Lord has given our church - a big Shout Out & THANK YOU for the joy and privilege of doing ministry along with you. You make serving as your pastor - the greatest of joys and an honor!!

Hearing from so many of you today as to how much you enjoyed the Partner Appreciation Dinner and Party made it all worth it! We'll do it again. Promise. 3 reasons why...1.God loves a Good Party. 2. So do we at NV. 3. You deserve it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

NV Bowling League… “The Holy Rollers”…and Lots of Other Good Stuff

One of the best times of year starts this weekend. DAILY SAVINGS TIM is here!! Longer days, it’s Lighter later, spring growth… and Easter right around the corner!! Be sure to set your clocks AHEAD on Saturday night or you’ll miss out on the party on Sunday @ NVCF.

Other good news… VENTURE SPORTS AND RECREATION keeps doubling in numbers. We’re calling our bowling league… “The Holy Rollers!” What do you think? :)
Come find out if we have a team for YOUR favorite pastime.

I’m looking forward to this weekend for another reason… this weekend we get to recognize the hundreds of church Partners that love our Lord, RELEASE their gifts and make New Venture the comfortable, extending and loving church that it is. Come CELEBRATE with us on Sat. night – as we recognize a whole lot of special people.


Heard a bunch of players on a college baseball team tuned into New Venture's Celebration Service from the DUGOUT of their game last weekend, as they watched us LIVE ONLINE!

A proud mom of one the players shared how her son went up to the coach and asked permission to bring his laptop so he and other players on the team could get inspired during their 9 inning game.

She said..."you were spotted in a dugout in Kansas City last weekend... and they'll be watching you LIVE ONLINE from Florida this weekend."

Pretty cool, huh?! I just hope that the guys are winning:)!!

A big SHOUT OUT to my favorite dugout team -- and to everyone logged on across the nation and around the world. Church just went viral, getting out there wherever people are. But none of it would be broadcast if it wasn't for our church family gathering together every weekend to make it happen.

INVITING SOMEONE TO CHURCH JUST GOT EASIER! Get the link out there to anyone unable to make it this weekend or people who don't usually come to church or to New Venture.

Live on campus or LIVE ONLINE. New Venture Christian Fellowship is now your church - at home… or away!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Sink or Swim...I'm Diving In!"

When God decides to do the OUTRAGEOUS… there is nothing quite like it. Cannot express the overwhelming wonder and joy of meeting excited, grateful people and ministry popping up everywhere! What a BAPTISM!!!

To think that I tried to cancel it due to the report of record low temperatures and a monster storm coming our way! When we were informed that if we were to cancel it would cost us $200.00 – suddenly, I heard the voice of the Lord saying...”maybe going ahead with it isn’t such a bad idea”:). And what a day! A HUGE crowd of family, friends and supporters came out to cheer on all of the happy dozens of boys, girls, adults and families baptized!

Tears of joy, as story after story was told of others that had been baptized in the same pool – over 15 years earlier – and now were watching their kids and/or grandkids be baptized!!! Congrats to you guys. It was something special...for ALL of us!!!

To date, over 300 have signed up for Venture Sports and Recreation! We’re mixing God and Good Times through Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Volleyball, and Walking. It kicks off in less than two weeks. Can’t wait! And 130 households at NVCF have signed up to learn more about attending Financial Peace University and taking control of debt and money issues. Good decisions guys!!

I’m writing this blog grateful to God… our church...and YOU!! Be sure to check out the pics! See you this weekend...