Monday, March 14, 2011

God Loves a Good Party... and So Do We.

Love a good party? Most of us do. A cursory look through the Bible reveals that near every time that something of note or significance happened to God's people, He would command them to throw a party. A feast to celebrate the positive things going on around.

Well, you've got to check out the pics in this blog over the BIG PARTY we threw for a lot of worthy people who serve as ministry Partners at New Venture Christian Fellowship.

For all of you Partners that do so much for so many of us who call NVCF "home"... and work so hard to help us fulfill the Mission (REACH,TEACH, RELEASE) which the Lord has given our church - a big Shout Out & THANK YOU for the joy and privilege of doing ministry along with you. You make serving as your pastor - the greatest of joys and an honor!!

Hearing from so many of you today as to how much you enjoyed the Partner Appreciation Dinner and Party made it all worth it! We'll do it again. Promise. 3 reasons why...1.God loves a Good Party. 2. So do we at NV. 3. You deserve it.

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