Monday, March 31, 2014

If You Walk Like A Duck

This week’s Life Tool from “Enhancing My Relationships,” is a simple test to check if you’re applying Biblical Wisdom in your situation or if maybe you’re nudging things a little bit based on personal or worldly motivations.

In our series “All In All the Time,” James just won’t let us rest in any area of our lives as God is using this book of the Bible to upturn every corner and gray area and give us the tools to actually walk the talk when we say “All In All the Time.”

The Bible says there is a difference between “wisdom” and “knowledge.” James 2:19 reminds and warns us, that even the demons BELIEVE. Knowledge by its self won’t get you farther than the demons. It’s what you do with that knowledge. It’s conviction, and a deep desire to drive in God’s direction.

One of the most effective tools is all packed in one single verse in James 3:17. It’s your litmus test for weighing the integrity of your wisdom and checking if the way you’re going is indeed God’s way. "Weigh the Way." My son watches The TV show Cops like it’s training tape, and they have this roadside test to confirm drug substances – just a simple swab that turns purple. Within this verse we can get a “purple” response on our spiritual swab when we’re testing the substance of our Biblical wisdom.

"...The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere." -James 3:17

So let's break this down: First and foremost, is your action, direction or perspective pure – not compromised, fully in alignment with His character and ways and coming from pure motivations?

Then, does it pass all the tests in this Scripture:
  1. Does it lead to / create / ensure peace?
  2. Is it considerate, submissive, merciful?
  3. Will it lead to good spiritual fruit or spiritual growth for you and any relationships involved?
  4. Is it totally impartial and sincerely motivated -- not biased by self or “emotionally” fueled by others’ desires, but only by His desire as set forth in His Word?
If it has all of the above chances are, it's good, Godly Biblical Wisdom.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if it doesn’t pass every single one of those checkmarks then…. There is no “chances are.” If it's in conflict with ANYTHING in this Scripture, that is your guarantee that it is NOT Godly wisdom and you can be COMPLETELY SURE it’s going to move you in the wrong direction.

It’s simple, straightforward and true. You may want to say, “yes but there are gray areas…or extenuating circumstances…or God knows my situation…” but if we’re truly committed to doing God’s Word – living Asah Shamah 24/7 – we have to stick to the knowledge that Godly wisdom is made up of His character and if it resembles anything other than his image, it’s just not of Him.
You’ve heard the saying, “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be a duck.” Well, if your walk is like His image and your talk is like His Word...then you must be a duck who is paddling in the right direction. There is no lukewarm … there’s just in or out. And if you choose to be in with Him, then it’s just another inch to go “All In All The Time.”

I encourage you to seek daily the Wisdom that can only be His and if you think it’s hard to find, it’s not…simply check it against His Word.

Until the Whole World Knows,