Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Make a child's Christmas this year!

2018 has been a year of blessings to me personally and to the New Venture Church Family. For every need we have expressed, we have in one way or another been blessed. One of our current needs is for people to participate in Ring & Run this year.

Our 30th Annual Ring & Run event is currently underway, and I am overwhelmed at the response we have gotten so far. We obtained lists of children who are less fortunate, with their desired Christmas presents. We have over FIFTY children that we will be purchasing Christmas presents for and hand delivering to on December 22.

I cannot even BEGIN to describe the unimagined joy that both giver and receiver will experience when less fortunate children are blessed for this years annual Ring & Run. There is nothing quite like giving to others!

Be sure to stop by the church and take a name off of the Christmas tree. You can either drop the wrapped present off with our Church Office and we will deliver for you- OR you can join us on December 22 at 9 am where we will congregate as a team, review the delivery routes, and deliver these gifts to the wonderful children within the community.

This is one event that you don't want to miss out on! Come be a part of this incredible experience.

Questions? Call Stacey (760) 688-6898

God bless.
Pastor Shawn Mitchell