Friday, May 31, 2013


It’s official – there is no “frontier” left that isn’t exposed to or covered by the Internet – Google, in specific. The Bible says that when Christ returns, every eye will see Him [Rev. 1:7]. It’s possible that by then, most of those “eyes” will be wearing Google glasses…or something similar.

Earlier this spring, 2013, Google Glasses and iGlass became available for public consumption. With a price point that kept them exclusively for celebrity clientele, it’s still a few years before we see them on the guy next to us at Walmart.

But Google, in their trademark formula for influencing our culture, already started with prototypes of their glasses in very visible (no pun intended) arenas like Celebs with “courtside seats,” Designers from New York’s Fashion Week, Artists at the Cannes Film Festival, and positioning sales to Influencers such as those on Fortune’s top 100.

There’s an exciting side to this. Did you ever imagine living in an age where you could pop on a pair of glasses and in a futuristic way, have them download extra info about everything you see – or record everything you encounter; give you directions; take pictures with the blink of an eye and share them with family and friends...everywhere?

The other side of this is, we’re multiplying our exposure to “the world” exponentially…but are we multiplying our exposure to God along with it? The Bible tells us to be careful what we expose ourselves to – what we hear and listen to; what we think about; and yes, what we see.

For all the benefits and advances the Internet has brought in changing our lifestyles – instant worldwide news, travel made easier, communication, information – there’s also a danger to what the Internet can put in front of you. And with smaller and more portable, affordable technology – tablets, smartphones, and now glasses – it’s possible to have the Internet – all its pros and cons – always before us.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’d love to get my hands on a pair of those glasses. Waiting for a flight watching Spiderman IV; grabbing a burger while watching SportsCenter; being able to prepare a sermon from anywhere, anytime. But as our opportunities increase to keep the World in front of our eyes and at our fingertips, it’s more and more important to remember what God says about the importance of keeping His Word ever before us, more than anything else. [Deut. 6:9, 11:20; Eph. 5:19]

As we start to see the world through Google’s glasses, are we remembering to put on God’s perspective first? Are we powering up His Word through all these gadets? Is His “report” [Is. 53:1] louder than what any headline tells us to believe about ourselves and the world around us? If not…put on God’s glasses first, and make sure His vision for us, His plan for you, and His point of view are the first and clearest things you see. Fix your eyes first and foremost on Jesus…the author and perfector of our faith, and let Him be the glass through which -- or through WHOM -- you see it all. [Heb. 12:2]

[Additional reading: Is. 55:9; Jer. 3:33]