Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines Day is for everyone!

For the first time since 1945, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day fall on the same date this year. How interesting!  Today I am reminded of how this special day relates to all of us.  Whether you're coupled, an item, long time married, or presently flying solo.... the GREATEST expression of love is God's love that he has for each of us.  Let me give you some wonderful examples.  

John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,".  It's hard to imagine ANY of us sacrificing our ONE and ONLY child! But God did it for us! He loved us SO much that he gave his only child.  That is something to keep in mind if you are feeling negative about the thought of being "alone" this Valentines day.  You really are never alone. Remember that verse! 

Or how about 1 John 4:19 which says, "We love because he first loved us,". There is no doubt that all of us need to be reminded of this simple yet POWERFUL verse. We love.... BECAUSE...HE loved us.  And God loves us more than we love him.  What a concept. 

And if you do have a special someone to celebrate today with, I am hoping that you use your time today, with that person, as a  moment to recognize God is a presence in the relationship.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Football season is over, but you can make a difference all year round!

Super Bowl LII was this past Sunday and WOW... what a game! Millions of people from hundreds of countries gathered together to eat, enjoy the game, and just get together for this massive, historical game. Athletic events have a real knack for bringing people together. Even when the Eagles and Patriots fans in your home start the competition between the two different fan groups, it’s the enthusiasm and mutual appreciation for the game that really matters.

Rex Burkhead is the New England Patriots running back. He shares his journey to faith publicly. Before coming to Christ, Burkhead testified regarding the immense draw he felt towards worldly things. He craved success and found himself increasingly drawn toward self-centeredness.

But in an interview, he talked openly about the change he experienced in his heart upon giving his life to Christ, saying that time on the field “was no longer for myself, for those worldly desires and goals” but instead “to give everything to Him [God].” In his own words, going forward he sought to learn how to play “the way Jesus Christ would have played.”

What a powerful testimony from a world-class athlete. It is music to my ears to hear this because as we all know, athletes are very impacting people on today's generation. What they say and do is followed closely by so many fresh minds. It just goes to show that although technically football season is over, you can make a difference to others all year round. This fine athlete is an excellent example of a man, an athlete, and a real disciple of our Lord.

Let us use him as an example for ourselves.  We can share the message of Christ in any setting we are in.  We can create positive change for people by being genuine, helpful, loving... no matter who you are!

Friday, February 2, 2018

TEAMWORK is the backbone of the 2018 Superbowl

Superbowl LII is this Sunday, February 4!  The game will be in Minneapolis.  Eagles vs. Patriots.  As I have said so many other times before... football season is absolutely my favorite time of year!!!  Who will you be cheering for this year?  I will leave my choice to be guessed!  

Whether you want the Patriots or the Eagles to win, the one common denominator between both teams is that TEAMWORK is required to succeed. Ecclesiastes 4:9 mentions that

"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor."

It's so neat that football can be tied into simple life advice.  Every single football player that will be playing in the big game this weekend is essential in order for the entire team to be successful.  No one player can win the game alone- TEAMWORK is critical!

TEAMWORK is also so important in so may other aspects of our lives, as well.  For example, the family home can not thrive with only one person working hard.  Everyone needs to pitch in and do their share!  Same concept applies in the workplace: it takes a cooperative TEAM to get a big project completed.

Let us use the example of the Superbowl players this Sunday to really think about how we can be more of a team-player in life, in general.

God Bless!  And see you Sunday!