Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Football season is over, but you can make a difference all year round!

Super Bowl LII was this past Sunday and WOW... what a game! Millions of people from hundreds of countries gathered together to eat, enjoy the game, and just get together for this massive, historical game. Athletic events have a real knack for bringing people together. Even when the Eagles and Patriots fans in your home start the competition between the two different fan groups, it’s the enthusiasm and mutual appreciation for the game that really matters.

Rex Burkhead is the New England Patriots running back. He shares his journey to faith publicly. Before coming to Christ, Burkhead testified regarding the immense draw he felt towards worldly things. He craved success and found himself increasingly drawn toward self-centeredness.

But in an interview, he talked openly about the change he experienced in his heart upon giving his life to Christ, saying that time on the field “was no longer for myself, for those worldly desires and goals” but instead “to give everything to Him [God].” In his own words, going forward he sought to learn how to play “the way Jesus Christ would have played.”

What a powerful testimony from a world-class athlete. It is music to my ears to hear this because as we all know, athletes are very impacting people on today's generation. What they say and do is followed closely by so many fresh minds. It just goes to show that although technically football season is over, you can make a difference to others all year round. This fine athlete is an excellent example of a man, an athlete, and a real disciple of our Lord.

Let us use him as an example for ourselves.  We can share the message of Christ in any setting we are in.  We can create positive change for people by being genuine, helpful, loving... no matter who you are!

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