Friday, March 11, 2011


Heard a bunch of players on a college baseball team tuned into New Venture's Celebration Service from the DUGOUT of their game last weekend, as they watched us LIVE ONLINE!

A proud mom of one the players shared how her son went up to the coach and asked permission to bring his laptop so he and other players on the team could get inspired during their 9 inning game.

She said..."you were spotted in a dugout in Kansas City last weekend... and they'll be watching you LIVE ONLINE from Florida this weekend."

Pretty cool, huh?! I just hope that the guys are winning:)!!

A big SHOUT OUT to my favorite dugout team -- and to everyone logged on across the nation and around the world. Church just went viral, getting out there wherever people are. But none of it would be broadcast if it wasn't for our church family gathering together every weekend to make it happen.

INVITING SOMEONE TO CHURCH JUST GOT EASIER! Get the link out there to anyone unable to make it this weekend or people who don't usually come to church or to New Venture.

Live on campus or LIVE ONLINE. New Venture Christian Fellowship is now your church - at home… or away!

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