Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Happy Anniversary!!

It’s taken forever... yet it feels like it’s happened overnight! That’s how it feels watching and working with God, as He took a handful of people (7), on Oct. 1st, 1989 on a "new venture" in starting a church for Him - with no members, money, in a city new to all of us - Oceanside – with no place to call "Home" to "do" church.

From that day - to 10’s of 1000’s of lives, unimaginable blessings, surprises and miracles later.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NEW VENTURE!! Today – October 1st, 2014, we’re 25 years old as a church and ministry.

25 Down... and 25 More To Go

I’m halfway there!! I told the Lord – if He allows my health to hold up – I’d love to give Him 25 more. Imagine what He has in store, and where He could take all of us in the next 25!!! I think about in 2039 I'll be ready to retire.. but not a day sooner!

People – not Buildings, is What Makes Church... "Home"

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – and a special thanks to you and EVERYONE who has had anything to do with what the Lord has accomplished through the years. Whether you are attending now, or have been a part of the ministry at anytime in the past – without your prayers, giving, service and sacrifice... His Church wouldn’t be what it has become today. Without you... we wouldn’t be us. A special, heartfelt thanks to all of you, for all you have done, whenever you have done it... to make us - "US."

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NEW VENTURE. It’s Day One again. We’re moving on. Day One...
let’s GO!!

A Prayer for Our Next 25

"Lord, right now I pray for your immeasurable blessings, protection, spirit, and a rushing wind across the land to the sea, that brings people Home. An awesome and amazing God you are! We love you... thank You!"

What’s Next @ NV

Be sure to read below of some of the many opportunities to help make this one of the finest Fall Seasons with God and others - that you’ve ever experienced.

This weekend it’s our Communion Sunday, with heartfelt, powerful Worship and an intriguing message on RELATIONSHIPS through the Book of Ephesians. Read Ephe. 5:22-33 on theDifferences between the Sexes, entitled: The Difference Between You and Me.

One requirement: Don’t come alone. Pray someone in and invite them out. They’ll come because you are.

Marching into the next 25 with Him... and you.

See you this weekend!

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