Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy Marriage… and Life Guys!

Before I start this, let me wipe the tears off the page. (Just joking. Not!) I’m still smiling. Today, I married off my son. Shawn Joel Mitchell Jr. got married today (Sept 19, 2015).
There are very few moments in life, where - in the moment - you know you are experiencing one of your life’s most memorable & amazing personal experiences. That was today!
My son of 23 years – only child and namesake – absolutely blessed me and had me so proud. He married a nice, wonderful and Godly young woman named Eva, and Shawn’s mother Laurie and I couldn’t be happier. Whenever I am around Eva, I think to myself, “I’m looking at a miracle!” Laurie prayed for her son’s eventual wife since he was a little boy. And God sure delivered. We pray for long lives, happiness and God being the center of their lives (and, Lord wiling, their future children’s lives together).
Now… for us. What are Laurie and I going to do around the house?! No more noise, typhoon-blown bedroom, sudden depletion of refrigerator food. Sheesh… I’ve got to get used to this “Empty-nester” thing. But hey, I was told that Barnes & Noble has got some great books on getting through the empty-nest change. That’s good to know! Couldn’t be happier for them… but got to admit… a slight twinge of  melancholy… and a little sadness. You see, Shawn Jr. was more than a son – he was and is – my friend. And one of the finest and truly nicest human beings I’ve ever known. Thank you Lord, for allowing Laurie and I to have him on “borrow” for 20+ years.
The Bible says that a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul. [Proverbs 13:9] A parent always envisions and prays for their child(ren)’s happiness. Today that vision was fulfilled. Whether it is for a loved one’s happiness, some prayed over answered prayer or a dream God has given you that you see coming to fruition, the sweetness that comes through fulfilled vision makes the journey worth it. Whatever may have brought you happiness today -- that’s come from Him -- let’s be sure to thank Him.

Well, pretty soon – I’ll go fire up the grill… and get Laurie to join me and start praying for grandkids. Wow – this “life” thing sure has its moments. Today… was one of the absolute BEST!! 
Happy marriage and life guys. We love you!

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  1. Congratulations Pastor Shawn on the marriage of your son. Now, check out The Palms Christian Store before Barnes & Noble!! HA!! I pray God blesses you with grandchildren to help make the quiet a little louder!!! The next best thing to your children is grandchildren!!! You are blessed!!!