Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fires of Evangelism

As most of you are probably aware, there are some serious fires burning through the state of California.  Though the major fires are in the Northern part of Los Angeles, they are making their way in San Diego County's direction.  Even the San Diego residents can smell the smoke and see the clear skies slowly starting to darken over.  What a tragedy! 

There are thousands of brave firefighters from over 100 California fire departments, treacherously fighting their way through the blazes at this time.  We are not panicking- but we are PRAYING for these heroes.

Let us all pray that the "Fires of Evangelism" will sweep throughout the country- praying for the residents who have lost their homes, their pets, their property. Pray for the people who are facing the terrible unknown, being evacuated from their homes and not knowing whether or not they will ever be able to return to an in-tact property.  Pray for the health and well-being of the first responders, who are selflessly putting their own lives and well-being on the line in an effort to assist those who cannot help themselves.  Pray that all can turn their hearts to the One, our Lord, and give it up to Him. 

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