Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 was the greatest- but 2019 will be the BEST EVER!

What was so great about 2018? There are way too many blessings from 2018 to even count!  We had a BEAUTIFUL 30th Annual Sunrise on the Shore Easter service at the Oceanside Amphitheater.  Thousands attended and the feedback that New Venture received was incredible! We also showed our love and support for our military with our newly added Military Lounge. Food, fun, and fellowship was abundant as we opened up our Connections Cafe to show our gratitude to our servicemen each Sunday after service. During the warmer months, we shared the word of God at our community parks- Barbecue food, music, water activities.... New Venture brought the juice to our friends and neighbors!

Our campus has also been the hub for the biggest Christian concerts in North San Diego. We have been blessed with headline bands and musicians that have allowed our Worship Center to fill up with THOUSANDS of Christian music lovers.

The 2018 Thanksgiving Sunday Supper as well as our Ring & Run were beautifully executed and thousands of souls were touched. What an honor to be able to collectively bless the hurting, as a Church Family.

2019 is going to really be the greatest year at New Venture! Beginning February 5, every Tuesday at 6:30pm I will be teaching "Biblical Leadership Development". Here, we will go deeper with God.
This 14 week course will be something you will be really glad you looked into!
Our Small Groups kick off again on January 20- you REALLY don't want to miss that! Get connected now!
Our Winter Series- FIX YOUR FOCUS- starts January 20 as well. Watch what happens when you fully immerse yourself in God!

I can't WAIT to share what 2019 has in store with all of the New Venture Church Family!

Your friend,
Shawn Mitchell

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