Monday, May 2, 2011

Thinking About: The Osama bin Laden Mission & an Unwanted Eternity

Amazing sitting here blogging today. Usually I write and speak about “life”. Eternal life… Living life to its fullest… making the Rest of your Life – the Best of your Life, etc. But today, I write about… death. as headlines around the world proclaim... Osama bin Laden is Dead.

As a Christian and US Citizen, my emotions are varied. As a Christian it’s hard to take pleasure in the death of anyone who is destined to spend a dark, anguishing, ETERNITY outside of God’s Presence – in Hell! But as a proud citizen of this country, to know that Navy Seals swooped into bin Laden’s 18’-wall-fortified compound, and successfully completed their assigned mission to “take out bin Laden at all costs.” The 44 minute mission was a “surgical strike” that occurred without American casualties. Talking about PROUD!!! I felt like one of those 45,000 fans in Philly Stadium for the baseball game last night who read the news of bin Laden on their cell phones and began chanting “USA – USA – USA… “ throughout the stadium. I got goose bumps and shared in their pride.

This past Sept. 11th I was in New York City where the terrorist attacked occurred. I was there for radio interviews, to share the Gospel, etc. I was emotionally struck by the deep block wide holes in the earth where the World Trade Towers once stood. I met and spoke with some who had loved ones trapped in the towers when the airliners hit them 9 years ago on that world changing morning.

What I’ll never forget was the silent sobs from many of the thousands around me that came to honor all the innocent whose lives were needlessly taken due to the diabolical –and demonic– scheme of one man to strike terror into the hearts of millions. The man – Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden was successful. Yesterday, the US was successful. “Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” Matt. 26:52

May those who lost loved ones, sleep more peacefully tonight. And may we as a church -New Venture Christian Fellowship - and as a nation – double our efforts to spread PEACE around the world. Peace… begins with JESUS!

Be blessed. … … USA! … USA!


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  2. Amen! I was in NY on 9/11 and I know the pain of the families or of my own experience -- but it is so nice to read a Christian perspective in the "media" that focuses so much on the urgency of God and seeking peace rather that all the other mess. Thank you Pastor Shawn for this encouraging post in all the chaos. We look forward to reading more on "the pastor's perspectives" in the future, as I'm sure there will be more crazy headlines! God Bless!