Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Be a part of our Thanksgiving miracle!

On Sunday, November 18, from 11- 2pm, New Venture will be hosting our 30th annual Thanksgiving Sunday Supper. We are estimating nearly 1,000 people will be fed, given haircuts, clothing, toys.... the list goes on and on!  It is truly a miraculous event as we watch people come in from all different parts of North County. There is no greater honor or blessing than to be able to serve others.  And we definitely serve that day!

All of the turkeys, sides, clothing, and toys are obtained through donations of residents within the community and our own beloved Church Family.  It is truly AMAZING to see everyone come together with donations and the desire to serve on this day. It takes nearly a whole army to make that day happen.

We as a staff have been planning this for months already- and we still have a long way to go!  The picture below was taken yesterday during one of our planning meetings. Just look at all of the notes all over the place!

We rely on over 100 partners to help serve food, set up, assist in the clothing boutique, etc. I could not be more proud of all of the wonderful people that come together on this day!  If you are feeling led by our Lord to donate food, clothing, toys, or to serve that day, I personally invite you to reach out to our Church Offices to see where you would be of greatest assistance.  It truly is one of our most fruitful, heartwarming events that we do here at New Venture, and I would love to share that joy WITH you.

~ Pastor Shawn Mitchell

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