Friday, November 2, 2018

The New Venture Family is back!

As you recall from last week's writing, the New Venture Leadership staff spent the past week in Ohio on a Rest and Relaxation retreat. Relaxing is not all that we did... we also spent plenty of time diving into ideas of what the Lord has for New Venture's future!

While it was a FANTASTIC trip, enlightening, spirit-filled... it was sure wonderful to get back to the home Campus. There is nothing quite like being back with ALL of our New Venture family. As you can see below, our staff is already back at work, knee- deep in ministry! We are all so excited for what the future holds for our beloved Church!

Below you will see Xavier- our student ministry leader

Lauren- our receptionist, who is always happy to help you!

Pastor David- our Pastor of Operations- always hard at work, streamlining things for the church.

Charles- Our videographer... filing my next Small Groups video!

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