Monday, August 28, 2017

Can ‘Church’ really be the Highlight of the Week? ABSOLUTELY!!

At New Venture - we call them Celebration Services… for a reason. Can’t get off the phone or Facebook today, on an otherwise quiet Monday morning with Partners (that’s what we call ‘volunteers’ @ New Venture. Without our Ministry Partners… we don’t have healthy, prevailing ministry!) calling in expressing their excitement love & appreciation for their church, our Lord and all that He is doing through New Venture & its ministries.

Just a few… we get them weekly:

·      *  New Venture City Church had record numbers this week (5th week in a row)!!! SO blessed to be a part of this family. God is AMAZING!!
·     * I LOVE my church!!
·       * We get fed so good here (Pastors are always encouraged by that one).
·     *   I’ve never been at a church so warm & loving… etc.

Conducted Town Hall after-service meeting all weekend. Loved the fact that it gave me a chance to listen to thoughts and feelings of our Church Family members  I loved it because I’m usually one doing all the preaching & talking. I finally got the chance to hear and listen. ).
Their excitement and love for the church was so over-the-top!
Every weekend should be a Super bowl or an Easter Sunday. Weekend’s at New Venture.. we PRAY, PLAN & PRESENT to make it the HIGHLIGHT of each person’s week. Each one deserves that.


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