Monday, August 21, 2017

See You at the Movies!

Imagine a church a block and a half from God’s vast ocean, where you are greeted by smiling faces and warm greetings, every Sunday you arrive. 

You pick up a complimentary beverage and pastry before heading to your theater seat to experience God- with a live, kickin’ band, laser lights, shining and synchronized with the beat of the music, and a half hour message from God’s Word-the Bible, presented to inform & inspire.  Presented on a huge Regal Cinema screen, in an upbeat and encouraging fashion.  The same screen where hundreds of movies are shown regularly, without the life- changing message and values found within the pages of scripture.

The hour-long service in a downtown Oceanside theater-plex moves along quickly.
Afterwards, there is laughter, hugs, and well wishes as the growing church’s members leave for walks on the beach or to return to their place of lodging.  Inspired and amazed that they had just 'done' church in the most enjoyable of environments, and left encouraged and ready to take on their world, along with their God, until they gather again - the next weekend. 

Now this is doing CHURCH! You can find God and great people in movie theaters these days. Come check it out!

See you at the Movies.

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