Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Passion is a big deal to God. 

We’re called to love the Lord-with all our passion (Matt.22:37).  We’re also instructed to serve with Passion.  One big area of passion we have at NV is for the 1,000’s of young women caught in the world of Sex Trafficking.  Unfortunately, it’s far more prevalent than most would think. Research shows:

          * Every 30 seconds, another individual becomes a victim of human trafficking
          * The average age of children who are forced into the trafficking world are between 12-14 years old
          * There is a mortality rate that is 200 times greater than those of same demographics and age
4      * Children are recruited primarily through SIMPLE SOCIAL MEDIA TACTICS- like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Craigslist, Backpage, etc. 

NV is planning and preparing to open our first NV House of Hope in 2018 which will be our first live-in safe-house for these innocent women caught in San Diego’s #2 crime (drug trafficking being number one). 

Over 300,000 young people are caught into trafficking on an annual basis in our Country.  Each one of those dear people has a face, a name, and an eternal soul that Jesus came for.  We need to do our part and we’re here to do it with passion.  Be praying along with us, and get involved.  It’s going to happen.  2018-right around the corner.  

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